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5 decor ideas that you should have for a professional workspace!


The interior design of an office is as important as the sales of the company. It creates the first impression in the minds of clients and creates a sense of ownership in the minds of employees. So it has to be planned carefully and a lot of creativity needs to be put in the decor. Interior decor of a workspace has to be inspiring in order to motivate the employees to work hard every day. Putting out of the box artifacts, paintings, artworks and walls will not only impress your clients and employees but create a long lasting association with your company. Creating a great work environment for your employees can be made easier by using wallpapers. When you use a wall mural, chances are that you are not going to need other elements for your wall which will save a lot of time and money. Allow us to present our top 5 decor ideas for workspace that you can effortlessly use in your office space to create a happy and productive environment.

Decor Ideas for workspace

  1. Travel theme wall murals: A wall mural of Shanghai or Paris will boost up the morale of your employees to complete their targets. This decor idea for work space can be used for Sales focused organizations that incentivize an International location for their employees to complete their target. We say that’s a great idea to motivate your employees to work harder. It also creates an impactful wall and gives your office an international look.
  2. Nature theme wall design: This decor idea for work space aims at giving peace and solitude to your employees. Especially when we are living in a city surrounded by tall buildings, having a nature wall mural will transport your employees in the lap of nature. Put a refreshing nature themed wall mural in your Cafeteria and rejuvenate your employees from time to time. It will make sure your employees work with a fresh mind.
  3. Geometric wall design: Geometric wall murals combine interesting patterns and lines to give a modern look to a wall. Ideal to create a long lasting impression, this decor idea for work space is perfect for a Board room or a Conference room where you entertain your clients. Choose from Abstract Retro Japanese Fans wall mural or abstract colorful stripes to add color to your work space.
  4. Text based wall mural:  Having a text based wall mural is the most effective way to motivate your employees. You can have your vision statement, your goals and motivational quotes in areas such as Reception, Work stations etc. This will also work in Cafeteria where funny quotes wallpaper is put on the walls to entertain your hardworking employees.
  5. 3D wall mural: 3D wall murals are great for adding depth and illusion of space in a room. Ideal for small meeting rooms and cubicles, this type of wallpaper creates an illusion of space. Choose from a range of 3D wall murals such as Vintage Tunnel or Ocean beach walkway mural.

Hope you have enjoyed going through our decor ideas for workspace. In case you have any questions or comments please comment in the comment section below. We would love to have a conversation with you!

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