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5 ways to include Buddha in your home decor


Buddha was the founder of the religion Buddhism. Buddha symbolizes peace, wisdom and compassion. There is something very interesting and peaceful about Buddha that its popularity in home décor is increasing day by day. These days almost every household has some Buddha element in their homes. Whether it is a Buddha painting, a statue, an artifact or a wall mural, people love to include it in their home décor to bring in peace and harmony to their abode. There are various types of Buddha poses and various stages of his life that can be used as per the room décor requirement.  We bring to you 5 ways you can include the divine Buddha in various parts of your home and create a spiritual zone.

Buddha Wallpaper

  1. Entrance or the Hallway: Having a Buddha statue in your entrance will give your guests a sense of tranquility as they enter your home. Just make sure you keep the divine statue on a low rising stool to place it respectfully. You can also use Buddha wallpaper on one of the walls of the entrance hallway to welcome your family members and guests with positive vibes.
  2. Living Room: Having a beautiful framed Buddha artwork or an entire wall covered with Buddha wallpaper  will certainly bring calmness to your living room and bless your guests and family members. A Buddha wallpaper décor is the most effortless and impactful way to bring the Zen to your home. You can also put a beautiful Buddha painting depicting a phase of his life. An easier and more affordable way is to put a beautiful Thai Buddha mural that depicts a phase of his life.
  3. Meditation Room: Whether you have a meditation room or a prayer room, a meditating Buddha wallpaper or a meditating Buddha statue is a must add to the room. It will not only add up to the décor of the room but also help you achieve peace.
  4. Reading room or Library:  A Buddha wallpaper décor in a quiet corner of your reading area or library will ensure you enjoy a good read. It also creates a calming atmosphere which is necessary for a great reading session. What’s more? You can enjoy this quite reading area with your friends and family. Invite them to enjoy a peaceful reading session over a cup of coffee and create never ending conversations.
  5. Home office: A laughing Buddha statue symbolizes wealth, happiness and prosperity. Many people have it for good luck and it is usually given to students to wish them luck in academics. But you can keep it in your home office as it will act as a good luck charm. You can also decorate a wall of your home office with a laughing Buddha Wallpaper Decor that will transform your work space and bring in lots of charm and positivity.

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