How to choose wallpaper for your home?


Choosing the right wallpaper for your home is not as easy as you think. You need to consider the size of the room, theme you want to portray and other accessories such as furniture, supporting décor etc. Deciding to go for wallpapers for home is a wise decision as it offers durability, ease of application and customization. But using the right wallpaper for your room can accentuate the theme really well. There are various wallpaper materials such as vinyl, canvas wallpaper, HP wall art or traditional wallpapers that can be used to accentuate a wall.

Light colored wallpaper makes the room look bigger and dark shaded wallpaper makes the room look small. Horizontal stripes can increase the width of the room where as vertical stripes add volume in the room. You can also choose bold patterns that are best suited for big rooms. This is suitable for homeowners who wish to present their walls as art. Textured wallpapers can also help in hiding imperfections in the surface of the wall and flat wallpaper is best for refined look.

Wallpaper for Home

In this blog we will talk about how you can choose the most suitable wallpaper for different parts of your home. Read on to know more:

Wallpaper for Living Room: For the living room, choose wallpaper that is smooth and flat surfaced. You can choose aqua themed wallpaper for home as a backdrop to your white lounger or a Geometric design in vinyl to create a refined look. If you like art painting  and would like to cover an entire wall with it then choose a canvas textured wallpaper for a genuine look.

Wallpaper for Dining area: A dining area is a place for great conversations over great food. Decorate the area with sleek wallpapers that encourage new conversations. Choose from colorful wallpaper for home to bring in a splash of color to your dining space or abstract wallpaper to give a beautiful background to your dining space.

Wallpaper for Bedroom: To create a relaxing and calming atmosphere in a bedroom choose a nature inspired wallpaper for home in canvas finish that will make you feel you are sleeping in the lap of nature. You can create a calming atmosphere perfect for sleeping by using one of the Buddha wallpapers as well. To create an element of romance select cute heart themed wallpaper  that will not only glamourize the room but also create a lovely environment for passion and romance.

Wallpaper for Kid’s room: Probably the most creative room in the house, a kid’s room is where you can unleash you creative juices and go back to childhood. Use the magical forest wallpaper to make your kid’s go gaga over the room décor. Create a fantasy cave wall décor for your kids and see them enjoy a game of treasure hunt.

Share your design inspirations with us by commenting below. Let us know how did you find our wallpaper for home decor ideas.

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