How to become a Dealer?

Easy Wall Prints is seeking passionate individuals who are smart multitaskers with the ability to vision and engage our customers in a wonderful fashion. Our partners must not just expand our business but proactively carve out new markets, maximize resources and raise the production efficiency. Thinking beyond the obvious and creating effective leadership to help us perform and prosper should be their go-to.

Here’s a swift rundown on how to become a custom wallpaper dealer at Easy wall Prints:

Go to our ‘Apply Online’ section under ‘Dealers’ and submit relevant details to us. The information would cover your personal and professional details, your bank details and statements, financial credibility, location of proposed site and other particulars.

Eligibility criteria to avail the Wallpaper Dealership opportunity at Easy Wall Prints :

  • The interested candidates need to enroll with us to apply for dealership
  • A relevant  business experience in the wall décor industry segment is a desired requisite
  • We will conduct a credit and background verification of the candidates. Preference will be given to individuals who have a requisite financial resource and a history of proven business success
  • Interested candidates need to submit a proposal that has details on Manpower and Capital strategies well chalked out
  • There has to be a monthly commitment of exceeding targets and expanding business development efforts
  • Candidates need to present  to us their strategies with  plans on setting up installation teams for their respective business units
  • Applicants need to submit some amount as Deposit with Easy Wall Prints before getting started
  • We propose to conduct periodic reviews of dealerships and renew work-contracts accordingly based on their performance. This is to employ a quality work force that’s consistently performing and up-scaling
  • Candidates having an understanding of the local areas/markets will be preferred.

Key Result Areas (KRAs) for Dealers/ Suppliers/ Partners

  • Dealers need to pro-actively assess and address client requirements. Gauging a customer’s need , suggesting  solutions and assisting them with a remarkable after-sales
  • Smart sales that build relationships and customer loyalty alongside
  • Meeting /Exceeding monthly sales targets consistently and attaining excellent performance reviews
  • Assuring on-time delivery that quickly responds to customer’s needs.  This approach reduces wastage and improves production efficiency. It will in turn raise our dealers’ competitiveness in terms of cost and quality.
  • Dealers need to go beyond the obvious. Effectively handle queries not just from their personal clients but direct company clients too
  • Establish a strongly customer-oriented team and provide effective leadership
  • Identify potential problems in time and take necessary corrective measures
  • Seek new, improved and faster ways of business development
  • Invest in networking and relationship-building with our customers
  • Managing time efficiently
  • Device smart cost-cutting strategies
  • Invest in training and career-building of their team mates


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