Material and Care

Enlisting Do’s and Don’ts with Wallpaper Material & Care-


What are the kinds of Wallpaper materials you offer?

We currently offer HP Wallpaper. Our Wallpapers are washable, breathable and made from a special blend of natural and synthetic fibres. They are prepared from higher quality PVC – free materials. These are odourless, environment friendly and printed in HP Latex inks. Additionally these are glare-free, scratch- resistant, moulds and flameproof.


How durable are these Wallpapers?

Our wallpapers are of premium quality and extremely resilient.  They characteristically will last for a decade or more. With prompt upkeep, they will look as fresh as ever for years to come.


I wish to install the Wallpaper. Is that possible?

Designed on the DIY ‘Do It Yourself’ model for installation, most customers can install the wallpapers all by themselves. If you prefer a professional installation, we do assist on the same.


Does the wallpaper meet building and safety requirements?

Re-cycled and Eco-friendly materials are used to give you a non-toxic and fragrance-free product that honours all safety standards. These are essentially PVC-Free to take care of your walls and your loved ones too. Additionally these are Green guard Children and School Certified.


What If the wall I wish to wallpaper is damaged or not smooth?

This is a pre-requisite to a successful wallpaper installation. The walls should be smooth and free of indents and flakes.         


Will my walls get damaged when I want to take the wallpaper off?

The wallpaper can be taken off with care. Careful removal is to be followed with a gentle wipe with a damp sponge or towel for best results.


Wallpaper Care and cleanliness instructions?

To clean your wallpaper, give it a light wash with a damp sponge. Avoid excessive scrubbing or harsh materials to keep wallpaper lasting longer and looking bright as ever


My Wallpaper has a small tear? Can this be repaired?

Our Wallpapers are quite sturdy. They don’t get damaged easily. However, should you need assistance, you can get in touch with us at +919810512915 or write to us at

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