Size and Cost

Wallpaper Murals Size & Cost Specifications made easy


What is the best starting point in my room to begin with wallpaper installation until I get a hang of the size and process?

It’s smart to get started in the least visible corner of your room until you get a hang of it. Corners closest to the entryway are the best bet.


What Wallpaper sizes are available?

Custom Size Wallpapers to match the dimensions of your wall


What are the Minimum and Maximum Wallpaper and Mural sizes available?

Minimum size accepted of custom wallpaper is 20 Sq. Ft. There’s no Maximum size limitation. We do accept very large orders.


How do I calculate the size that I need for Custom Size Wallpapers?

Measure the area of the wall that you would like to cover with wallpaper and send us the measurements in inches or feet. We will convert these into Sq.Ft and tell you precisely how much you would need to cover your wall.  For more information check out our “How to Measure” Section on the website


How much do the Custom Wallpapers and Murals cost?

Easy Wall prints offer the best Wallpaper pricing in India. We calculate the price of a Custom Wallpaper based on Sq.Ft. area. When you submit your dimensions in inches or feet, we convert these measurements into Sq.Ft and give you an estimate quote for your wallpaper.


Can I calculate how much my wallpaper cost would come to?

You can calculate yourself how much your wallpaper would cost you. Simply, use our Price Calculator; all you would need to enter is length and height, either in cms, inches or feet to give you the price. However, the price calculator only calculates standard pricing and may not show you the discounted or add-on price.

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