Using your own Image

Here’s a quick checklist on queries about using own image for Wallpapers


Do I need to use a specific camera for clicking pictures that can be enhanced on wallpaper?

We strongly recommend using an image/ artwork that is taken using a digital camera larger than 8 Mega Pixels. However, if you have a negative of the image, we can get it developed into an appropriate size to fit in to the Wallpaper.


What Image formats do you accept?

We offer you an assortment of options for own image wallpapers.  You can send an image file in .jpg, .tif, .png, .eps, .psd, .psb, .ai, and .pdf formats. We recommend high resolution images (200dpi or more) for sharper and grander images


Is there a minimum or maximum image size specification to be adhered to?

We recommend using an image that is taken using a digital camera more than 8 Mega Pixels. A small image may not give best results when scanned into a superior pixel-perfect quality to expand onto the wallpaper.


I need to see a preview of the image I have chosen for Own Image Wallpaper, is that possible?

Upload your own image using any of the free upload service such as or Our technical team will assess the image quality and will acquaint you before you place the order to get the same printed on wallpaper.


Can you air-brush and enhance the look and feel of the images that I have chosen for the wallpaper?

We provide value-added image touch up, enrichments and alterations on the image as per your requirements to help you get desired results.


How do you explain Custom Size and Custom Image Wallpaper?

Custom Size wallpaper is planned as per your required Height and Width measurements. Custom Image wallpaper denotes using your own image to print on wallpaper.


How do I ensure that the chosen image has a powerful resolution and would look good when enlarged on wallpaper?

Just call or mail us. We will help you decide whether your image can be enhanced on your wallpaper. Do check out our ‘Use Your Own Image’ section to get more information on the same.


While choosing an image from the web, do I need to understand the ‘Copyright’ clauses?

We strongly recommend that you possess the copyright to your image or seek permit on images which have copyright clauses. We may reject an image if it violates Copyright laws.

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