Easy Installation

Our Wallpapers are designed to give you an Easy Installation of your Custom Wallpaper. You can install them with great ease and convenience. The best part is that they are DIY’s. Isn’t that fantastic? All you need is little water and Voila! Your custom wallpaper is ready. It also has minimal wastage of the material and your time and effort.

How to Install the Custom Wallpaper for a makeover?

Now that you have selected your wallpaper, you must be wondering on how easy or difficult would be the installation. Not to worry, Easy Wall Prints helps you do it yourself without too much trouble. Once you chose the desired custom wallpaper for your wall, we send you detailed installation instructions on how to position and align the wallpapers.  All you need to do is follow the instructions for the installation and your customised wallpaper is ready within hours.

Some Pointers to keep in mind while installing your wallpaper:-

  • Before you start the process ensure that your wall is smooth and even. The application area should be cleaned thoroughly with water and sponge so that it is free of any dirt or debris.
  • Remove any light fixtures, decorative wall hangings etc.
  • Mark the area with a pencil that you want to cover.
  • The side which has the wallpaper print needs to be rolled loosely facing inwards.
  • Next you need to keep the rolled print dipped and submerged in water for about 15 seconds.
  • Remove the print from water and keeping the printed side folded facing outwards for about 1 minute.
  • Next carefully place the wallpaper print on the wall. While you are doing so overlap the markings made earlier.
  • Using a sponge smoothen out the entire panel. Level out all the bubbles evenly. As the print starts to dry even the smaller bubbles start to evaporate giving a smooth levelled finish.
  • The excess water can be removed using a sponge. The print has to be left for 15-30 minutes to dry out completely.
  • It would be best if you take help of one person while installing as it makes the procedure easier.
  • Once you are done check the entire mural and only then trim off any excess material.

Your Brand New Wall is ready. Sounds so simple right, why don’t you go ahead and try it out.

We have also uploaded a video for your reference.

Looking for an Installation Support? Just call us on +919810512915 for installation within 48 hours in Delhi-NCR*

*Additional charges apply.

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