Use your Own Image

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could use your customised images for wallpaper?

How you define your personal space based on your choice and interpretations is completely your choice. Each room has a personality and with Easy Wall Prints you can enhance that by customising your images for the wallpaper. For eg, your Living room should be inviting and lively as this is the first space that your guests would see. Or if you are an artist with a creative flair and have always dreamt of using your own custom image as a wallpaper to decorate your office walls. Still waiting to get that Family Pic framed? Now is your chance to do it just how you want it.

Easy Wall Prints helps you define each space and section at your home or office such that they all reflect your personality and also the personalised touch which gives a definite meaning and purpose to every space. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? But hang on there’s more!! The best thing Easy Wall Prints offers you is that you needn’t be a trained professional to customise your images for your Walls. We let you create your own custom wallpaper images that defines You, your Office Interiors or your Home.

Here is how you can go about creating your own image to use as wallpaper:-

Image Quality

  • The image quality needs to be in high resolution. File size can vary from 10 MB to 100 MB. The higher the resolution the clearer and sharper effect will be visible.
  • Images that are clicked by a camera with 8 megapixels or above will be accepted.

Uploading your Image/Artwor:

  • We accept certain file types – JPG, TIF, PDF, PNG, PSD, PSB, EPS & AI
  • Any free upload service like or will help you upload your image. Email your image/art work at

Other Info:

  • Although there is no limit to creating your own image yet we accept a minimum size of 20 sqft for the wallpaper.
  • In case you want anything specific to be done with your wallpaper please give us detailed instructions on the same.
  • Pricing may vary for customised orders depending on alterations and enhancements as specified by the customer.

As of now, we don’t have upload image option but we might introduce it later

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