Link Exchange

We would be happy to trade links with you if you have a interior design related site, or a site that would be of interest to our users.

Your email should include the following information:

1. Title of Your Site
2. Brief Description of Your Site
3. Your site URL (
4. The URL on your site ( where you have placed the reciprocal link to Print a Wallpaper.
5. Email Subject : Link Exchange

Please keep in mind that links will be added on a reciprocal link basis only. Once you list our website on your website then please email us the information.

Link Exchange Terms:

1. You should list our website on the site for which you are requesting a link exchange.
2. You Link Exchange page should be properly linked from all your pages.
3. You should send your link exchange requested as suggested above.
4. We don't do link exchange with companies not related to interior design.

If you don't follow above guideline your email would be ignored.

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