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To create that drop-dead gorgeous ambience in your living space picking the right color scheme is the core of the game.
Easy Wall Prints create those gorgeous wall décors for you that instantly breathe a fresh life into your home interiors. We create bold and striking color schemes that perfectly blend with your interiors and compliment home accessories.

The walls of your living space are those huge backdrops that set the settings for your furniture and room accessories. Doing up the color matching of wallpapers then becomes a showstopper.

Some tricks to get the desired look and feel-

  • Invest in colors that contrast with brightness to create an electrifying look
  • Use subtle colors with striking patterns to highlight. You may want to design your bathroom with wallpaper that showcases floral branches in a light cool color scheme to connote an airy feel. Bathrooms are typically high-moisture places so giving them an airy and easy feel is the idea.
  • Bold and colorful wallpapers look ravishing behind large furniture or other fixtures and they may not always be the centre of attention. You can grab a visual appeal to your book shelf by choosing a wallpaper to line the back of the cabinet.
  • Choose colors that have a feel-good factor whether you go subtle or dynamic.
  • You can create visual stimulation by choosing the right colors. Your office may do exceedingly great with calming green wallpaper. Green is easy on the eyes and has a soothing effect. A lime and a grey combo work best with a bold wall.
  • You could create smart space illusions by opting for colors that have a higher light reflectance trait. In contrast, if your room has lots of sunshine, opt for deeper shades that reflect light.

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