It’s a luxury when your home becomes an extension of you. It becomes a celebration of not just your sensibilities but your complete persona. That’s the dream world all of us crave to be a part of! Easy Wall Prints, a creative company focused on providing innovative wall décor solutions, give you that dream to live in! We design your wall décor that’s as unique as you and reflects every bit of you.

Sometimes you just can’t find the right design or you wish to get something particular to be printed, we create dramatic wallpapers that give your space the exact look and feel you want. Our personalized Wallpapers adorn your walls with choicest of images and art work chosen by you. 

To create personalized wallpaper we need a good quality high-resolution digital photo or digital art. There are several stock photo sites that can help you find the right image. When buying a digital image, buy the highest resolution available. Use a digital camera if you wish to click and send images that are to be enhanced on the wallpaper. We will help you with the preview and will assist you in producing that impeccable effect.

How incredible it is to visualize your company lobby with dramatic floor-to-ceiling wallpaper showcasing your product or your living room captures family shots of a refreshing vacations or simply your bedroom has your black and white portraits!

Add a Name / Text / Logo

How implausible if you could add your child’s name to fairy tale wallpaper in his room! Your child would simply adore it! Your office wallpaper could exhibit your company logo or perhaps you could add little text messages onto your designs on custom image wallpapers.

We completely personalize your wallpaper to match your passions and personality. Come and create your world around you!


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